The Struggle of Mediocrity

There’s a laundry list of hobbies I’ve attempted in my short life. I grew up with parents who pushed me to try different activities but never made me stick to any of them if I didn’t want to. Although it gave me the freedom to try everything, I was never devoted to just one. There was always a reason for stopping before I became better than average. Whether it was the fact that I hated my coach or I was unable to afford the classes, I always moved on to something new.

The perfect example is art. For the majority of high school, I thought I would go to college for fine art. I spent so much time crafting a skill that I hoped would get me somewhere once it matured. Eventually, I decided to go in a different direction and that was the moment I stopped trying to become better at my craft. I had no excuse for letting it fall to the wayside other than that I was busy. Time passed and I went from sketching daily to doing it yearly.

Now I’m at the point where I’ve rekindled whatever lost interest I had and I’m not nearly as talented as I once was. Drawing isn’t muscle memory. I can’t pick up a pencil for the first time in five years and expect to still have those same skills it took twice as long to develop.

I can apply this same scenario to a multitude of other hobbies and be just as frustrated. Yet, the only person to blame is me because I never committed to harnessing any of the talents to pass average ability.

The point is, I’ve tried a lot and have only ever become mediocre at most. Sure, in conversation I can relate to others because I’ve most likely attempted whatever their hobby is, but it’s never more than that. Perhaps I have a passion for not one thing but for trying everything. Maybe I’ve become a well-rounded person with multiple interests but no expertise in particular…. Or maybe, I’ve just been mediocre and have yet to find a passion to fuel something deeper than surface level intrigue.

Whatever the case may be, I’m envious of those who have devoted their energy to developing a talent and surpassing mediocrity. Discovering something that sets your soul on fire is a passion that will never burn out. It is also one that many can only hope to find.

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  1. Anonymousss says: Reply

    We all slip easily into the pit of comfort. It’s up to us to keep moving. I hope you find this inspiring:

    Keep writing. Keep drawing. Just keep creating.

  2. Doug says: Reply

    Your writing skills are in NO WAY mediocre. Your thoughts continues to impress and fill me with pride. Don’t ever stop!

  3. Barb says: Reply

    Nothing about you is mediocre. You have explored many talents throughout the years. This is the natural time in life to search for your passion(s). They may change over time. There may be more than one. Delight in the quest!

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