10 Reasons You Need a Break from the City

When I first moved to New York someone told me to get out of the city at least once every few months. He made it clear that the body needs a break from the city that never sleeps in order to get some actual rest. I took his advice and I suggest that you do too.

  1. Silence is refreshing

The morning wake up call from taxi cabs and ambulances is one of the hardest things to get used to about New York. Leaving Manhattan’s symphony of chaotic noises will inevitably give your eardrums a well-deserved break. Silence is significantly underrated until it’s impossible to find. Whether you head Upstate to the mountains or just an hour out of the city, get in some quiet time.


  1. Slow down, rest up

I’ve never lived somewhere where walking equaled a light jog in most other places. I swear I show up everywhere glistening in sweat from my intense race to get there. It took me a while to get in shape and keep up with the average sidewalk pace, but I made it. When you leave Manhattan, slow down your strides and save some energy. Try to take things more leisurely because every day doesn’t need to feel like the Rat Race.


  1. Give your skin a break

If you’re like me, the city air makes your already oily skin even worse. We can have a separate discussion on pollution in cities at a later date, but let’s just say New York’s air is far from fresh. Get out of the city, take off your makeup and let that skin of yours breathe. A few days of no steamy subway stations will do wonders for your face. You’ll get a healthy glow that’s more than just radiant evidence of a long day.


  1. ……and your feet

My feet have not been happy with me since coming to the city. Their once roomy sneakers have now been invaded with clunky shoe inserts for arch support. Walking is great for your health, but honestly, give those feet a break! If you truly love to go for a walk or run when you aren’t in the city, find some grass. Concrete takes a toll on not only your feet but your back. If you’re feeling extra generous, get them a massage. Groupon has some killer deals…


  1. Mother nature misses you

Ah! I grew up surrounded by the mountains and a lake. Living in a concrete jungle isn’t exactly a friendly reminder of home. I recently watched a news story on the clinical effects of the outdoors. Apparently, Mother Nature herself can help reduce depression and anxiety; so, why not give her a chance?


  1. Stock up on those positive vibes

I’m one of those people who absorb what’s going on around them and internalize other’s emotions. Since moving here, I’ve learned how to block a lot out but occasionally it doesn’t work. It’s not easy when everyone is stuck underground during a subway delay. Each person is pissed off because they’re going to be fifteen minutes late to work and all of that stress is exuded. If you get a chance to escape to a more laid-back environment, take the opportunity.  As a rule of thumb, no matter where you are, be thankful and welcome positive energies.


  1. Postpone burning that hole in your pocket

Can we just talk about the fact that a small box of cereal in the city costs like seven dollars? That’s not even for the family size! It gets expensive to survive when it costs so much for food and the rent is more than my parent’s mortgage. When you leave town, go find some local stores or even a TJ Maxx and take advantage of their three dollar makeup wipes. Maybe take an extra bag with you and stock up on the necessities like shampoo and conditioner before you head back to the big apple.


  1. Boredom encourages creativity

There is a slew of events in the city. Whether it’s the weekend or a random Tuesday night, you can always find something to do. After a few days in a small town with a less extravagant community calendar, boredom may set in. Most places that aren’t a large city make your imagination work a little harder on how to entertain yourself. Being bored can be a good exercise. It’ll give you time to read a book or write that new blog post. Catch up on some simpler pleasures you may not have done in a while. That’s one of the main reasons for a mini-vacation or getaway anyway.


  1. I know you miss driving a car

I sold my car after getting my place in New York. There was no way I was going to drive in Manhattan’s crazy traffic, and yet I constantly fantasize about driving a car now. Every time I go to my parent’s house, I take their car for a drive through the mountains and around the lake. Driving down a sparsely traveled road with the windows down always helps to clear my head.


  1. Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Although it’s important to get out of the city and take a break, it’ll make you remember why New York is your home. You reflect on everything you love about living in one of the greatest cities in the world. Sometimes all you need is a little time away to recognize how good you have it.

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  1. Doug says: Reply

    The “city that never sleeps” has to make you weary. Head north when you’ve had enough. We’ll be here.

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