Living in New York City…

After moving to New York City with Patrick, life has changed drastically. Our surroundings play into every one of our senses from the moment we walk out of our apartment door. There is so much more to New York than its towering skyscrapers and never ending traffic. Here’s New York, to us.


Smells like


…crisp cold air after a fresh snowfall. Perhaps it’s because we moved in the middle of a northeastern winter, but New York air is cold, crisp, and harsh. It hits your body from the moment the door shuts behind you and rests upon your scarf, numbing your senses more with every block you walk.

…Halal food carts. The street’s winds deliver ingredients to you from the corner bistros of hot dogs, green onions, polish sausages, and pretzels. If you don’t come to New York City with an appetite, you’ll find one here.


Sounds like…


…a thousand moving parts. If there was one word to describe this city it would be lively. It sounds like a hundred sets of feet jogging to work. There are no silent strolls around the block. A conversation between a hundred voices can be heard with every step you take. Oh, but don’t forget the ambulance sirens in the morning and taxi’s horns at night!

an emergency of loud and quiet. The loud quickly moving. The NYPD. The FDNY. The horns from famous yellow taxis fighting for space. The subways tunneling under the city. People racing to their next destination aboard an underground missile. Here the world’s divide. If you seek a slice of quiet, you’ll find the peace and divide here. Unbelievably, the second most populated city in the world hums of silence inside a subway car.


Looks like…


…an intricate oil painting that was the artist’s career breakthrough. The city is perfect, painted precisely with each stroke of the brush. From the thought out streets to the lack of electrical lines towering over the sidewalks, there is nothing you want to miss as you walk by. Every inch of the city has something to offer; a story of its own. It’s like a picture book, no words but the stories are left to the reader’s imagination. You can walk the same path a hundred times and always see something new. Look up, look down, look everywhere because this city is something many will only see in their dreams.

…the opening to all great movies. I push open the apartment’s doors. The grays. The pastel air. The same details colliding along the mashed buildings. Streets are busy. Everyone is out. Endless black nylon jackets carried by warm bodies – all with separate agendas. The blank faces. Eyes glaring. It looks like the tiny condensed droplets of water and ice you see when you breathe. A fog of anything and everything.


Feels like…


…anything is possible. It feels like any opportunity is at hands reach, waiting to be grasped. It feels like you are never alone, even at night, the city streets fill with dreamers. With millions of lives bustling in the buildings, on the streets, in the subways; loneliness is absent.  No longer are you commuting to work alone, but you are walking, jogging, breathing with a hundred people by your side. There is a strong sense of community, not in the general sense; but in the sense that we are all human and we are all here together.

…a utopia of instantaneous. The countless restaurants. The packed museums. The towering skyscrapers. The parks that fill your camera. The chatty business men and the chatty homeless. The construction workers and the dog walkers. If you’ve seen something, New York feels like it happens here.


Tastes like…


…black coffee and pizza. If there are two things you see on almost every corner, it’s a small coffee shop or hole in the wall pizza place. Every New Yorker needs at least two cups of coffee a day to gather up the energy to walk as much as they do. Therefore, they are well deserving of a slice of pizza perfection…or two. Caffeine and carbs are found by the boat load on these streets.

…crisp air. Ignore the smog reports. It’s January now and the air is chilled to a nice 42° with temperatures leveling off above invisible. The city tastes like coffee and croissants.. or bagels – whichever you prefer.



Co- Written by Patrick Beverly



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  1. Jasmine Linseman says: Reply

    Nothing has made me want to move to NYC as much as this post, so proud of you for broadening your horizons and seeing all that the city has to offer you! Such a great experience for two artists like you and your boyfriend to go through together.

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