How to Thrive from Change

Change. A paralyzing word for many, yet there are a select few that thrive from it. Why does this seemingly magical power only grace the minority? Well, I’m not sure that it does. I think it all has to do with your point of view on not only life but yourself. Resilience is an attribute that this minority possesses; allowing them to take whatever comes their way. It’s not what happens to them that is important, it’s how they deal with it.

Understandably, change rocks the boat. It can happen unexpectedly, causing a wave of anxiety and frustration. Or it can be planned with every move pinpointed and executed properly, yet anxiety still floats to the surface. The common theme here isn’t the adjustment or nature of the action that brings it about but it is the emotional toll brought along with it. The absence of comfort and familiarity after a change occurs is the trigger for these emotional responses.

Yet, the ones who thrive from changes in their environment channel excitement and possibility, rather than anger or uneasy anticipation. They choose to take this opportunity and begin again. Anyone who has goals, dreams or the drive to build more for themselves will inevitably need to diversify. If we aren’t where we wish to be in life, being comfortable won’t get you anywhere but the couch. For those who cringe at new situations, you need to take a step back and fix the way you view obstacles. It’s easy to sit back and never challenge yourself. It’s easy to remain in your hometown and hang out with the same people you’ve known your whole life. It’s hard to move away and be alone. It’s hard to take the risk of failing just so you can taste what it’s like to succeed.

By eliminating the view that success comes to you while you’re sleeping or in our case lounging comfortably in the familiarity of your life, you can CHANGE one thing and begin a journey towards an achievement. Whether it’s losing ten pounds or getting a degree at a college across the country, the first step is modifying your routine. Take the anxiety that accompanies this adjustment and channel it into motivation. This is the time to make yourself uncomfortable and prove that the capability to thrive anywhere or in anything is within you.

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  1. Patrick Beverly says: Reply

    “This is the time to make yourself uncomfortable and prove that the capability to thrive anywhere or in anything is within you.”


  2. Doug Sealy says: Reply

    words to live by….Carpe Diem.

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