“Arkiv X” Adds A Much Needed Funk to X Files

*Attention* For all those who need a new song to download and jam to.

As I write this, I’m uncontrollably and embarrassingly dancing in my seat to Ibra-Heem’s new single “Arkiv X” which dropped today. The title itself is the Swedish translation of X-Files, so you know this song is special already. Ibra-heem took the musical theme of X-Files and “extended the melody into a world of groove, sexiness, and grittiness.”

I’ve always been a fan of alternative and electronic music, so this song hits home. I can’t commit to classifying “Arkiv X” under either of those genres because it encompasses so many styles with a flare I’ve never heard before. With the combination of it’s funky-ness and mesmerizing beat, it’s a song to put on replay.

This is Ibra-Heem’s first instramental single to come out under his own brand name. He has long been producing and remixing songs in collaboration with multiple other artists, but we can all cross our fingers in hopes that this new single’s release means there is much more to come. Until then I’ll be sitting here with “Arkiv X” stuck in my head and an antcipation to see what he comes up with next.

Make sure to check out Ibra-Heem’s website and Instagram to learn more about his influences and passion for music.

Artist’s Bio

“Ibra-Heem, a Turkish producer and artist from Sweden, have captivated the music scene in New York City ever since he moved there five years ago. From having produced singles for other artists that made their way to Power 105.1 and HOT97, he’s now pursuing an independent career to release music from his own brand. Ibra-Heem uses his ethnically diverse background to draw inspiration from its unique musical traditions.  While being largely inspired by hip-hop, disco, funk and jazz, he fuses the sounds of his middle-eastern heritage and his experience in the Swedish environment to brand his musical identity. Credits include Bacardi, Disney JR, Broadway, Slaughterhouse, Uncle Murda.”


Contact Details & Social Media:


ibraheemmusic on Instagram and Twitter.


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